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Marlins 2010 Creed: Marlins Will Soar

Last year the Florida Marlins...wait..are they the Miami Marlins yet? No, that comes with the new ballpark I believe.  It's hard to keep up with the Marlins.  Anyway, last year the Marlins had the Reggaetón artist Pitbull record a theme song for the team titled “Marlins Time to Represent" (see video below).

2010 brings in a new year...a new song...a new Creed. Well, a lead singer of Creed that is; Scott Stapp, who adapted one of his songs "You Will Soar" to "Marlins Will Soar" which will be used as the Marlins Official Song of 2010.

A chance meeting between Stapp, a Palm Beach Couny resident who grew up in Orlando and went to school at Florida State, and Marlins team President David Samson during an airport delay brought the two together.

Stapp who sang the National Anthem at the home opener, which also just-so-happened to have one of my all-time favorite players (and new Hall of Famer at that), Andre Dawson throwing out the first pitch.

BSOD Note: "Did I ever tell you the time that I met Andre Dawson at a 7-11 convenient store in Chicago's Wrigleyville neighborhood? I was living there at the time, about 5 blocks from the ballpark. A few of the players had condos nearby so a chance meeting wasn't all that out of the question. Andre was a "my guy." A soft spoken, hard worker that came to the Cubs with the offer of...I want to play for you, sign me to whatever you think I'm worth. I believe the Cubs' decided that to be $500,000, for what turned out to be a 1987 MVP year.  Did I also mention that I have an Andre Dawson, game used bat, and autographed "1987 MVP" bat?  I do.
You see, When I was younger, a few of my favorite players were Ryne Sandberg, Andre Dawson, and Cecil Cooper. So, a chance meeting with him was the highlight of my day. I pulled into the 7-11 on a Saturday afternoon, stepped out of my car, slammed the door shut and looked up, and there he was, my guy, Andre Dawson. I did what any true fan would do at that moment, paused, made eye contact and said, "Hi Andre" and then continued walking to go get my blue rasperry slurpee." Andre responded back with a polite nod of the head and a soft "Hello" and smile back to me, as he entered into his car and pulled away.
Ok, not a great story overall. But I respected the man, it was his day off, and really, other than watching him play, what else should I expect of him?

The point of all of this? Nothing really, other than I like to talk like the old uncle of the family and corner the younger relatives and tell them my stories.

Sometimes chance meetings lead to things, other times they don't.

In the case of the Marlins and Scott Stapp, it led to today's baseball song of the day, "Marlins Will Soar."

Note: This song is getting panned by Internet commenters at forums, blogs, and newspapers. People seem to hate it. I'm not sure if they don't like it because Stapp has been known to rub people the wrong way with his messianic overtones to his music. Or, if it's the fact that he took one of his songs and changed it, or if they think that it just plain stinks.  Listen to it for yourself and let us know what you think.

I can't say that I'm that too familar with Creed other than the "Arms Wide Open" song and their latest song "Rain" which came out in 2009. Not having heard the original song "You Will Soar", and hearing this on its own merits, I somewhat like the song. Not as much as Hanson's "Mmmmm Bop" (a story for another time), but with the beating of the drum and Stapp's belting out the lyrics, it's not half bad. The best news is, even if you hated it, it clocks in at 1 min 49 secs.

BSOD 4/15/2010: Marlins Will Soar
Artist: Scott Stapp
Released: 2010

Marlins Will Soar Lyrics
(thanks to:

"Marlins Will Soar"

Florida Marlins (Hanley Ramirez) Sports Poster Print - 24" X 36"Let's play ball, it's game day
We watch strikeouts, base hits, double plays
Take the field, hear the roar of the crowd
Come on Marlins, make us proud
Come on Marlins, make us proud

Keep hoping and dreaming and you will soar
With a little faith and luck, you will soar

One strike, two strikes, swing away
A diving catch, a stolen base
A perfect game, a triple play
A [undistinguishable] play of praise
We're series champs, we [crack of bat?]

Keep hoping and dreaming and you will soar
With a little faith and luck, you will soar

Keep hoping and dreaming and you will soar
With a little faith and luck, you will soar

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