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Toledo Mud Hens Hip-Hop Heavy Hitters

Writer "lilD" of The Toledo Free Press writes about the psyche of baseball and how important confidence at the plate can be for one's success, and suggests some of Toledo, Ohio's hottest hip-hop artists and songs for swinging for hip-hop hits at one of minor league baseball's historic teams; The Toledo Mud Hens.

Minor League Baseball Cap - Toledo Mudhens Home Cap by New Era (6 7/8)The Toledo Mud Hens are the "AAA" affiliate of the Detroit Tigers and are one of several clubs that have existed in Toledo since 1883. The team name of "Mud Hens" was first used in 1896 and comes from the name of a duck-like bird which lived in the nearby marsh fields.

Toledo Free Press
April 6, 2010
Writer: lilD

The Mud Hens are getting ready to kick off another season, and while there are several components to success, one of the most important factors is confidence. So listed below is a list of Toledo Hip-Hop artists’ hottest singles to simultaneously boost the male ego and get the blood pumping. Play ball!

1. Chief “Change the Beat”

The title describes the ever-changing instrumental behind the smooth flows of Chief’s complicated flow. With production by Midwest Tone, a premier Toledo producer and a cocky set of verses, this song will not only wake up a player, it will get his swagger up to a sufficient level. That is, very high.

2. Dre P. “Rockin’ Off My Rocker” (Dre P. photo at right)

If the strong guitar riffs don’t wake up the Mud Hens, Dre P.’s intensity will. With its catchy lyrics and intense melody, this song is sure to get the blood flowing before a game and have all the players “rockin’.”

3. Big P.I. “Dat Boy”

From the moment this song starts, the music catches your attention. But that’s typical of any song produced by Mally Speaks. A perfect complement to Mally’s unique instrumentation is popular Toledo rapper Big P.I., who boasts of his ability to steal the spotlight, leaving everyone asking “What’s that boy’s name?”

And what professional athlete doesn’t want everyone to know who he is?

4. Spade “I Go Dumb”

Arguably the best Hip-Hop artist in the city, Spade dedicated an entire song to informing people of his level of talent. “Going dumb” is a term meant to describe being the best at one’s craft; the Mud Hens will be the best this season, right? Well, here’s its theme music!

5. Johnnie Mae “I’m Paid”

One of the few female hip-hop artists in Toledo with a real buzz and high expectations, Johnnie Mae’s anthem for getting money and handling business always moves a crowd. And after all those endorsements come rolling in, all the Mud Hens could sing this song, yelling “I’m paid.”

6. Young Chuck “Can’t See Me”

This Toledo up-and-comer has a potential hit on his hands, and it kills boredom immediately.

All about acknowledging your creative superiority, this song will give every member of the Mud Hens a confidence boost.

7. Ray Stone “I’m So Fly”

This song is legendary in Toledo. Who doesn’t want to feel like they’re at the top of their game? Ray Stone encompasses every emotion, and accompanying adjective, that describes greatness.

This will definitely get the Mud Hens pumped up and ready to do great things on the field.

8. 419ers “Stuntin’ Habit”

Stunting is the act of physically displaying achievements, be it economically, academically or athletically.

So being in the habit of stunting is a good thing for a professional baseball team, and being supplied with an auditory reminder is perfect.

9. B Wills “Everybody Wanna Be Me”

The first line of this song

says, “I’m looking like a million bucks.” Confidence is a great ego booster, and when you look good, you feel good.

And when you feel good, you pitch no-hitters and hit homeruns.

10. Cuntry “Look At Me”

This song is performed by the most popular Hip-Hop artist in the city, and had everyone looking in the mirror, daring someone to challenge his or her authority.

And listening to a song like this before a game will help give the Mud Hens the authority needed to laugh off the competition.

BSOD 4/6/2010: Look At Me
Artist: Cuntry 
Released: n/a

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