Friday, January 18, 2008

Day 14: Auld Lang Syne Organ Mix - Final 2007 Out

Today's Baseball Song of the Day "Auld Lang Syne Organ Mix - Final 2007 Out" is in memoriam of the recently departed David Ramsey who died on Thursday at the age of 68. I never knew Mr. Ramsey, or heard him play specifically, but from what I can tell he brought a lot of cheer into the lives of people that knew him, or heard his work.

David was the longtime organist for the Memphis Redbirds starting in 1971 (STL Cardinals AAA Minor League affiliate), and then up until the middle of the 2007 season when he had to leave his position due to illness.

According to news from the Minor League Baseball web site ...

As the organist for Memphis baseball beginning in 1971 Ramsey saw over 2,000 home games, seven no-hit games, three championship teams and played at two ballparks. He outlasted 15 general managers, 14 radio announcers, 10 club presidents, seven ownership groups and seven major league affiliates.


BSOD 14: Auld Lang Syne Organ Mix - Final 2007 Out
Artist: Jeremy Boyer (current Redbirds organist)
Performed: 2007

David was also The Distinguished Service Professor of Music Emeritus of Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee.

From the Rhodes College web site ...

“David Ramsey was so important to the life of this congregation,” said the Rev. C.V. “Bo” Scarborough, pastor of First Presbyterian Church. “He taught this congregation so much. He made our music joyful, even fun. I know many think church music isn’t supposed to be fun, but it has been with David. And, of course, we had visitors who really came in hope that David would play ‘Charge.’ He will be so missed here.

Many Memphians know him as the organist for the old Memphis Blues baseball club, later the Memphis Chicks, and now the Memphis Redbirds, where, from the organ above and behind home plate at AutoZone Park, he matched the music to the moment, stoking the fans’ enthusiasm throughout every game.

“Baseball and life around the ballpark is all about the people we meet, work with and get to know,” Redbirds President/GM Dave Chase said. “I first worked with David in 1979, my second season in baseball, at McCarver Stadium with the Chicks. From that time forward David was always quick with a smile and a heartfelt ‘How are you doing.’ I missed him last season and will always remember him when I walk through the press box and see the ballpark organ sitting primed for another game, another season—but without our friend, David.”

Before Ramsey became a baseball organist, he kept the scoreboard for the home games. He also operated the scoreboard for Rhodes home football and men’s and women’s basketball games for more than 30 years.

Click here to read more about his life. God Bless.

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