Monday, January 14, 2008

Day 9: Migratory Birds

I heard about the possible trade of third-basemen before most. Walking outside my house, the screech of the blue jay was loud, alerting me that something was about to happen. Over and over again, until I took notice. Then having spotted him...he flew South. In his place another bird came into view. Flying North with a somewhat akward flight pattern as if one of the wings were bent, and against the white canvas of snow, its easy to spot the bright red of the male Cardinal.

Today's Baseball Song of the Day; "Migratory Birds" from the Nethers, opens like a gentle breeze..and slowly builds with drums and guitar joining the haunting sounds of the vocalist.

(Note: listen by choosing track #9 - Migratory Birds)

It was announced on ESPN over the weekend, that two birds of a feather were going to be traded across the Canadian border, with the Blue Jays sending Troy Glaus to the Cardinals for Scott Rolen.

The trade at first seems similar to the song in many ways. At first, it seems soft and quiet. Nothing special. Both players, in the middle of their playing careers, both players, saddled with injuries and problems. But hidden in there, as time moves on, you feel that there's more involved, more levels to the performance, much more to enjoy, if we only give it a chance.

Rolen, 31, a seven time gold glove winner, is coming off of a recent World Series win with the Cardinals in 2006, however due to injuries and personality conflicts, his recent performance just hasn't blossomed. He welcomed a trade to another team. Glaus, 32, and has a career total of 277 HR's and a World Series win in 2002, had season ending surgery this past September, and has had accusations of receiving performance enhancing drugs via mail in the past.

However, sometimes a change of scenery helps all involved and in the case of these two, one can only hope that in the end, that all ornithologists will enjoy watching these two in their new surroundings.

BSOD 9: Migratory Birds
Artist: Nethers
Album: In Fields We Will Lie
Released: June 2006

Note: lyrics we could not immediately find the full text of them

And in the end I will wake up in the afternoon
the way the sunlight fills up through the room
To make the waking moments bright
Kiss goodbye the old night

Oh my mind wanders through both time and space
Its there I find myself, the perfect place
To sit and dream about the time
Not so long
You were mine

Fly my dear ...toward the night
where it's bright
and ....

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