Sunday, January 13, 2008

Day 8: The Ball Game: Life is a Ballgame

It's a lazy Sunday, time to go to church and say your peace before your Umpire and God. In that regards, today's Baseball Song of the Day is simple and straight-forward. Today's song is "The Ball Game" originally written and sang by Sister Wynona Carr back in 1952.

We're listing two versions of this song, one by Sister Wynona Carr, and the other an updated version by "The Kings of A Capella"; The Persuasions. Like most classics, the original, in its raw form is a thing of beauty, and although its difficult to compare players across decades, both of these version hold up terrific for the times that they were released and thereafter.

Discovered by Frank Zappa and his wife circa 1968, The Persuasions have performed for over 40 years, have opened for Ray Charles, Bill Cosby, and Richard Pryor amongst others, and performers such as Bruce Springsteen and Rosanne Barr have even opened for them.

Enjoy Folks!!

BSOD 8: The Ball Game (Life is a Ballgame)
Artist: The Persuasions
Album: Sincerely
Released: 1996

Life is a Ballgame Lyrics

Life is a ballgame
Bein' played each day
Life is a ballgame
Everybody can play

Jesus is standin' at home plate
Waitin' for you there
Life is a ballgame, but
You've got to play it fair.

First base is temptation,
The second base is sin
Third base tribulation
If you pass you can make it in

Ol' man Solomon is the umpire
And Satan is pitchin the game
He'll do his best to strike you out
Keep playin' just the same.

Daniel was the first to bat
You know he prayed three times a day
When Satan threw him a fast ball
You know he hit it anyway

Job came in the next inning
Satan struck him in every way,
But job he hit a home run
And came on in that day.

Prayer will be your strong bat
To hit at Satan's ball
And when you start to swing it
You've got to give it your all in all

Faith will be your catcher
On him you can depend
And Jesus is standing at Home Plate
Just waitin for you to come in.

Moses is standin' on the side lines
Just waitin to be called
And when he parted the Red Sea
He gave Christ is all-in-all

John came in the last inning
When the game was almost don
Then God gave John a vision

And he knew he'd all ready won

Take a look at a clip from the Persuasions in this clip with a young Maury Povich

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