Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Baseball Project 2010

Returning again after their first release in 2008 and a tour last year, "The Baseball Project" has released their first single of 2010, titled "Broadside Ballads". If you're not familar with The Baseball Project, the group's lineup consists of: Scott McCaughey (The Minus 5, R.E.M., Young Fresh Fellows), Steve Wynn (The Dream Syndicate, Gutterball, Miracle 3), Linda Pitmon (Miracle 3, Golden Smog) and Peter Buck (R.E.M.).  The group plans on releasing one song per month in 2010.  Here's to hoping that they're average of hits will be at least 4/12 for .333.

From:, we learn...

"I think it will be a lot of fun just to kind of see what's going on and get fired up about something. And instead of just writing bemused e-mails to each other, we'll put chords behind it and call it a song," Wynn said last week by phone from New York.


The idea from the first song of the 2010 series (Broadside Ballads) came about after Wynn heard a quote from Hall of Famer Lou Boudreau.  Boudreau said, "On Opening Day, the world is all future and no past", and that sentiment echoes throughout the song...with lyrics such as:

Spring is here and the time is right for
Unrealistic goals
Last summer some hit the bottom rung
But the new year brings high hopes

The Baseball Project

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Click here to read more and DOWNLOAD THE FREE MP3 of Broadside Ballads.

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