Monday, March 8, 2010

Off the Disabled List: Go For It

Being on the disabled list is no fun. You have to watch the world go by, while thinking, "Hey I could be doing that!" But such is life, and since we all know that "There's no crying in baseball" its time to get back into the batter's box and find my swing. I've always heard that all pitchers pitch with pain, so I'll apply that here and say, "all posters post with pain" too.

So, I may be a bit hesitant out of the batter's box, and may swing at a few sliders low and out of the zone, but hopefully once my timing is back, we'll find a few hits along the way.

Today's baseball song of the day is from the ex New York Yankee center-fielder Bernie Williams. Bernie is an accomplished jazz guitarist who's second album; "Moving Forward" has been nominated for a Latin Grammy. Perhaps years from now, people will say, "Hey, didn't Bernie play baseball once?" Also, I don't think he's officially retired from baseball yet. Which is ok with me. Bernie's always been a class act, and as you can hear from his music, he still is.

BSOD 3/8/2010: Go For It
Artist: Bernie Williams (ex ballplayer - New York Yankees)
Album: Moving Forward
Released: 2009

From one of the funniest shows on late night, Craig Ferguson, here's Bernie Willams playing live:

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