Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Gave Him the Bat: No Hay Nadie Como Tú

Yahoo! Sports writes...About Baseball & Music & Passion in Cuba...while their island's baseball finals are going on between the Havana Blue Lions and the Villa Clara Orangemen


More than the national sport, baseball is a passion here, to the point that it has become part of the lexicon of daily life.

A lover discovered in an infidelity is said to have been "caught off base" and if the relationship breaks up, they "gave him the bat." To be "between second and third," is to be trapped in a dilemma, and a "number four batter" is someone of great power and strength.

To get in the spirit of the finals, the Puerto Rican hip hop group Calle 13 donned the shirts of the Cuban national baseball team at a huge free concert Tuesday at Havana's Jose Marti Anti-Imperialist Plaza.

Kelvis Ochoa and other Cuban musicians returned the compliment by wearing the colors of the Puerto Rican team.

Calle 13 won a Latin Grammy for record of the year in 2009 for "No Hay Nadie Como Tú (Featuring Café Tacuba)"

BSOD 3/30/2010: No Hay Nadie Como Tú (Featuring Café Tacuba)
Artist: Calle 13 
Released: 2009

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