Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Drumming Up Some Excitement

Last year the Tampa Bay rays saw a 3% increase in attendance coming off of their visit to the World Series in 2008 against the Philadelphia Phillies.  Although that number may not seem like much, in these new economic times, in which almost 75% of teams saw their attendance drop last season, the Rays are working hard to keep that momentum going into 2010 with the introduction of the "Baseball Nightclub" and they're drumming up some excitement with a variety of musical offerings, including the introduction of a drumline corp and Summer Concert Series.

In 2010, the Tampa Bay Rays are promoting a nightclub atmosphere with special effects such as after the game fireworks, as well as local bands and dj's, teenage specific hangouts, and will allow fans to walk on the field after certain games.  In addition to local talent, the Rays are offering a "Summer Concert Series" with a lineup consisting of performers such as John Fogerty, ZZ Top, Nelly, Hall & Oates, The Go-Go's and more to be announced later.  Browse here for a listing of dates.

Starting Tuesday March 16th, the Rays are introducing new high energy ads with a drumline beat (see video above), the Rays are also sponsoring a contest in which high school bands can enter their talents to be used in tv and radio ads and if selected they may have the opportunity to play atop of the dugouts during the game.

The Atlanta Braves have been hugely successful in incorporating their own drumline entertainment program called, The Heavy Hitters.  The Braves' Heavy Hitters have been dazzling the crowds before, during, and after the games.  The Braves are also currently auditioning performers for the 2010 season.

Today's Baseball Song of the Day comes from the rhythm and beats of the 15 member Atlanta Braves' Heavy Hitters Drumline. Many of the performers in the drumline are also paid members of The Atlanta Drumline.

From an article on the Georgia State University web site, junior Ahmad Worthy details his passion for the music and the excitement that it brings...

“It’s really exciting to be able to play with the Atlanta Braves and entertain the fans,” Worthy said.  “It’s the sounds of the drums that bring a lot of movement and excitement towards the game. The fans enjoy it and sometimes they even come on the stage and dance with us.”

“When I’m working here with the children there are xylophones, a piano and drums. You are teaching them sounds, teaching them to dance and how to express themselves emotionally,” Worthy said. “I believe that music defines life. Everything is run by music because everything has some type of sound.”

Ahmad is majoring in Early Childhood Education and I'm sure that interacting with children and fans of all ages helps to give him perspective.

Watch the Heavy Hitters in action at Turner Field in Atlanta

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