Sunday, March 21, 2010

Vintage Song Sunday: Say Hey (The Willie Mays Song)

When one thinks of Willie Mays, instantly his famous over-the-shoulder catch in Game 3 of the 1954 World Series comes to mind (view it in old fashioned flip-book style here).  Almost the equal to that catch, when one hears Willie's name, the ever popular song "Say Hey (The Willie Mays Song)" comes to mind.  Back in 1954, three songs were released about the "Say Hey Kid" (rumored to have been given that name because he didn't know or remember his teammates names during his rookie season, and he often just said, "hey man, say hey man.").  Only one of those three songs released about Willie that year, captured the emotions and joy that Willie inspired in all those that watched him, and that song was by the Alabama swing, rhythm and blues band; The Treniers.

The Treniers were one of the pioners in swing and rock and roll music dating back to the 1940's and consisted of identical twin brothers; Claude & Cliff Trenier, studio musicians, and in later years additional Trenier brothers.  They had a Top 10 hit in 1951 with "Go Go Go" and also appeared in film ("Don't Knock the Rock", "The Girl Can't Help It", and "Calypso Heat Wave").

The 1954 which the audio of "Say Hey!   Say Who?  Say Willie!" that is now immortalized in just about any film or tv clip was also conducted by the now legendary producer Quincy Jones.  The Treniers often added humor to their songs, and this was evident by Willie joining in the recording and discussing his whom should catch the ball when it is hit into left field ("..that's Monte Irvin's ball").

Baseball Song of the Day: Say Hey (The Willie Mays Song)
Artist: The Treniers & Willie Mays
Released: 1954

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